G1000 by SIMiONIC.jpeg

G1000 by SIMiONIC Compatible

SLAVX Models 1 and 2 were designed for G1000 by SIMiONIC to deliver a truly immersive next generation experience.  The Primary Flight Display (PFD), Audio Panel and Multifunction Display (MFD) combine to bring performance and realism to your flight simulator experience.

Logitech Pro Flight.jpeg

Logitech Pro Flight Compatible

SLAVX Models 3 and 4 were designed for Logitech Pro Flight Instrument Panels.  A more traditional steam gauge approach to avionics, Logitech Pro Flight Instrument Panels provide a cost-effective solution to your flight simulator experience.


RealSimGear Compatible

SLAVX Models 5 and 6 were designed for RealSimGear GNS430 / 530 GPS Nav/Com Avionics.  One of the most affordable and common general aviation systems in real-world use today enables practice at home within your flight simulator experience.


Design and Manufacturing

All SLAVX Models have been engineered to deliver unparalleled weight and balance for the compact desk and tabletop environment.  Powder coated, cold-rolled and plasma cut carbon steel, coupled with non-slip feet enable you to be up and running quickly with minimal connections to the PC.  With SLAVX, place your panel, plug in and enjoy.

Glare Shield.jpeg

LED Glare Shield

All SLAVX Models contain a premium glare shield constructed from thin, high density, engineered foam, which is finished with a durable black vinyl and black edge trim molding.  Mounted underneath the glare shield is a single array of LED lighting that contains 20 colors and 5 brightness settings.  Powered by USB, makes integration simple with other components.


Trim Wheel and Throttle Quadrant

All SLAVX Models are designed for dual Logitech Pro Flight Throttle Quadrants.  A Logitech Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant can be substituted for a Pro Flight Trim Wheel as pictured above.

Model 1   |   Shown in Silver   |   Glare Shield LED Lights On

Model 2   |   Shown in Silver   |   Glare Shield LED Lights Off

Model 3   |   Shown in Silver   |   Glare Shield LED Lights On

Model 4   |   Shown in Silver   |   Glare Shield LED Lights Off

 Model 5   |   Shown in Silver   |   Glare Shield LED Lights On

Model 5   |   Shown in Silver   |   Glare Shield LED Lights On