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Flying Gear - Pilot Bag & Survival Bag

Inspired by the PGA Tour, let’s see what’s in the bag(s).  I’ll explore the products I use, the features I like, and where you can get your hands on some of the best equipment to start training for your Private Pilot Certificate.

The total bag weights are 7.3 kg / 16.1 lbs (Pilot Bag) & 7.8 kg / 17.2 lbs (Survival Bag).  I’m huge into the EFB, and I really enjoy ForeFlight.  If you haven’t checked out ForeFlight, be sure to try it today.

For 2019, I’ll be considering the following:
▪ FlightGear Battery Backup
▪ Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

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FlightSimExpo 2019 Details

Those who are attending FlightSimExpo in Orlando from June 6-8 will have an opportunity to win a Custom SLAVX Panel via our FlightChops Giveaway. Keep an eye out for all of the partners in this giveaway. Register for the giveaway at this link: FlightChops Panel Giveaway

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Stay Level Avionix Travels to Canada

Stay Level Avionix recently traveled to Canada to visit with Steve from Flight Chops, as well as set up his new SLAVX Panel / Simulator. Steve is working on his instrument rating, and his new SLAVX Panel featuring the RealSimGear GNS 430 is going to be a massive help to achieving his goal. Check out the video below for a summary of the visit:

Stay Level Avionix Travels to Alaska

Good friend Chris Palmer invited me to join him for a few days in Alaska. Beyond the amazing scenery and flying, we got him up to speed with a new SLAVX panel. Take a look at the below video for an awesome recap of the trip:

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Introducing Wheel Stand Pro Support for All SLAVX Panels

(Chicago, IL - 9 DEC 2018)  No Tabletop, No Problem! All SLAVX Avionics Panels now offer mounting support for existing Wheel Stand Pro owners. As part of our custom design and manufacturing capability, we addressed this market need through 3 product revisions. Ultimately, landing on the final version which includes a welded bracket system and uses the existing Wheel Stand Pro mounting hardware. For customers, this means minimal additional material and labor, as well as a mounting solution familiar to existing Wheel Stand Pro models. Pictures of the Custom SLAVX Avionics Panel (Including 13” Touchscreen) & CAD are below. For reference, the Wheel Stand Pro pictured is the Super Warthog.

If you are interested in a panel with Wheel Stand Pro support, the additional charge will be $29 per panel and feel free to reach out via the Contact Page if you have additional questions.

SLAVX Shop: Wheel Stand Pro Bracket System

FlightSimCon 2018 Sponsorship | Raffle | Wi-Fi

Those who are attending FlightSimCon in Dallas from June 23-24 will have an opportunity to win a SLAVX Model 4 Avionics Panel, as well as multiple opportunities to win a SLAVX Premium Shirt.

Wi-Fi accessibility is sponsored by Stay Level Avionix.

FlightSimExpo 2018 Sponsorship | Raffle | Charging Station

Those who are attending FlightSimExpo in Las Vegas from June 9-10 will have an opportunity to win a SLAVX Model 2 Avionics Panel, as well as multiple opportunities to win a SLAVX Premium Shirt.

Many component manufacturers will also be in attendance, including RealSimGear so be sure to check them out at Booth 104.

If you are running low on battery charge, pop over to the registration table where you can top up your iOS or Android device.  Charging station courtesy of Stay Level Avionix and supplied by InCharged.

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FSElite Original: Company Q&A with Calum @ FSElite.net

Over the past few weeks, Calum Martin from FSElite and John Albers, Founder & President of Stay Level Avionix completed a few Q&A sessions.  FSElite.net has published the Q&A at the image below.  Take a look to learn more about our company, difference in design and engineering, as well as general thoughts on bringing the most affordable Turnkey G1000 system to the home environment later in 2018.

Company Podcast with Thomas @ PCFlight.net

Thomas at PCFlight was gracious enough to interview John Albers, Founder & President of Stay Level Avionix for a few minutes on his latest Podcast.  John talks about how Stay Level Avionix got started, the products, long-term goals and what you can expect from Stay Level Avionix at Flight Sim Con 2018.

Tune in at the link below to have a listen.  You can pick up the Stay Level Avionix section at the 7:35 mark.

 SLAVX Launch!

(Chicago, IL - 21 MAR 2018) Company Launch Day! Starting a company has always been a personal goal of mine. Today, Stay Level Avionix, LLC is a reality.

My focus is greater than just selling a product. It’s about enhancing home flight simulation, enabling integration and familiarity with avionics, and ultimately encouraging customers to pursue an actual private pilot certificate.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point, it wouldn’t have been possible without you. 

You've discovered our best-in-class website with live-chat integration at www.slavx.com.  As I say in the cockpit, “Let’s have fun and Stay Level”