Introducing Wheel Stand Pro Support for All SLAVX Panels

(Chicago, IL - 9 DEC 2018)  No Tabletop, No Problem! All SLAVX Avionics Panels now offer mounting support for existing Wheel Stand Pro owners. As part of our custom design and manufacturing capability, we addressed this market need through 3 product revisions. Ultimately, landing on the final version which includes a welded bracket system and uses the existing Wheel Stand Pro mounting hardware. For customers, this means minimal additional material and labor, as well as a mounting solution familiar to existing Wheel Stand Pro models. Pictures of the Custom SLAVX Avionics Panel (Including 13” Touchscreen) & CAD are below. For reference, the Wheel Stand Pro pictured is the Super Warthog.

If you are interested in a panel with Wheel Stand Pro support, the additional charge will be $29 per panel and feel free to reach out via the Contact Page if you have additional questions.

SLAVX Shop: Wheel Stand Pro Bracket System

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