Stay Level Avionix, LLC does not provide hardware or software technical support for third-party components listed below.  In addition to this, Stay Level Avionix, LLC does not assume any liability for software installed through the resources listed below.  All component support resources such as software, drivers and applications can be downloaded directly from SIMiONIC, RealSimGearLogitech and the iOS App Store.

For your convenience, below is a compiled list of resources and videos to get started with SLAVX Avionics Panels.

Hardware Components for SLAVX Avionics Panels
▪  SIMiONIC Avionics (G1000)
▪  RealSimGear Avionics (G1000 | GNS 450/530 | GTN 650/750)
▪  Virtual-Fly Yoko Yoke
▪  Virtual-Fly TQ3 / TQ6 Throttle Quadrant
▪  Logitech Pro Flight Yoke
▪  Logitech Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant
▪  Logitech Pro Flight Instrument Panel
▪  Logitech Pro Flight Multi Panel
▪  Logitech Pro Flight Radio Panel
▪  Logitech Pro Flight Switch Panel
▪  Logitech Pro Flight Rudder Pedals
▪  Brunner CLS-E & CLS-E NG Yoke
▪  AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Hub (10-Port)
▪  AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Hub (7-Port)
▪  AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Hub (4-Port)
▪  Anker PowerPort 5
▪  UGreen USB 3.0 Cables (G1000 by Simionic, 1.5 or 3ft)
▪  UGreen USB 2.0 Cables (Logitech Flight Instrument Panel, 3ft)

▪  SIMiONIC Avionics (G1000):  Link
▪  RealSimGear Avionics (G1000 | GNS 450/530 | GTN 650/750):  Link
▪  Logitech Pro Flight Components:  Link
▪  Windows 10 Enhanced Power Management Disabler:  Link

Flight Simulator
▪  X-Plane 11:  Link
▪  Prepar3D v4:  Link
▪  FSX Steam Edition:  Link

Flight Simulator Air Traffic Control Enhancements
▪  PilotEdge:  Link

Non-Tabletop Mounting Solutions
▪  Wheel Stand Pro:  Link
▪  GTA-F Simulator:  Link
▪  Next Level Racing Gaming Desktop: Link
▪  VolairSim Cockpit:  Link

SLAVX Panel Instructions
▪  LED Strip Functionality:  Link