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Our goal is to design and manufacturer the highest quality, custom-built tabletop avionics panel that is available to purchase today. To accomplish this, we have two separate design and manufacturing services that we offer to customers:

  1. Design Fee: $0

  2. Panel Pricing: $629 + Tax + Ship

  3. Considerations: 13 Models Available

  4. Dimensional Constraints: 40” Max Length, 13” Max Height

  1. Design Fee: $99

  2. Panel Pricing: Starting at $679 + Tax + Ship

  3. Considerations: Start from 13 Standard Models

  4. Dimensional Constraints: 46” Max Length, 15.5” Max Height



Current Month
20th Day: Customization Design Finalized
25th Day: Orders Placed & Paid

Following Month
1st Day: Production Begins
20th Day: Orders Ship